Ingrid Jasmin



Ingrid Jasmin Vogt


The music of Norwegian artist Ingrid Jasmin blends influences from flamenco and RnB, Norwegian folk and pop -- a melismatic voice that dances with the traditional and the modern, both the strings of an acoustic guitar and the electronics of a synthesizer.


Her music is a child of many backgrounds. While growing up in Telemark, a nucleus for Norwegian folk music, she developed her ties to the Spanish speaking world through visiting her family in Costa Rica. Living years in Cuba and Spain, she dedicated herself to study tradition, emerging as an artist breaking new ground.


Her expression has already attracted attention. Recently, the music magazine Ballade described Ingrid Jasmin as an artist with a voice "distinct from the very outset", and her stage presence has sparked interest in and outside of Norway.

A versatile vocalist, Ingrid Jasmin writes and performs in Norwegian, Spanish and English. Having collaborated with a stellar crew of musicians and producers, her debut album is now around the corner.