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A totally refreshing proposal that draws from Nordic Folk, Latin and RnB in three languages. She immersed herself in traditional music, yet carefully mixes it with elegant electronic flourishes and supreme production.

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When the debut single of Ingrid Jasmin dropped in 2021, the music listener met an artist quite unlike anything else on the Norwegian scene. Her innovative fusion of electro-acoustic elements and traditional music, combined with her distinctive vocal approach, immediately set her apart.

Her musical dedication culminated in her self-released debut album 'Luna' in 2022, which garnered outstanding reviews and even earned her a prestigious Norwegian Grammy award. Her remarkable rise didn't go unnoticed, as Billboard recently featured Ingrid Jasmin as an emerging artist to keep an eye on, underscoring her prominence as a rising star.

Despite her newcomer status on the Norwegian music scene, Ingrid Jasmin has already captured the attention of major festivals, and has showcased her talent on Oslo World, by:larm, Havana World Music and FAI - the world's biggest gathering for folk music. Ingrid Jasmin is undoubtedly a name that will make an impact in the time to come.


Norwegian Grammy Award Winner

Best Album 2022, Open Category

'A fantastic voice in a unique soundscape'

- National Daily Aftenposten

'Obviously born for the stage [...] The entire world is her potential audience' '

- National Daily Dagsavisen

‘Uniting traditions in a way that has hardly been heard before’

- National Daily Klassekampen

'A voice distinct from the very outset'

- Ballade Music Magazine

'Possesing a bewitching melisma'

- Billboard Latin

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