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Ingrid Jasmin Vogt



Nominated for the Norwegian Grammys 2023

A melismatic voice mixing tradition and pop

'...over the coming months she might very well be one the new Norwegian artists most spoken of.'

- National Daily Dagsavisen

When Ingrid Jasmin's debut single ‘Pilgrim’ dropped, the music listener met an artist quite unlike anything else on the Norwegian music scene. Her electro-acoustic fusion of traditions in a modern production, performed with a characteristic vocal style, is already drawing attention. The trilingual artist studied the traditional flamenco ‘cante’ alongside traditional norwegian music, setting the tone for the sound of her debut album 'Luna'.

'A fantastic voice'

- National Daily Aftenposten

'A confident and emotional performance from an artist who is obviously born for the stage [...] and you can easily see how she can become the next great flamenco-inspired artist also internationally'

- National Daily Dagsavisen about Ingrid Jasmin's release at Oslo World 2022

‘A voice distinct from the very outset’

- Music Magazine Ballade


‘Uniting traditions in a way that has hardly been heard before’

- National Daily Klassekampen about Ingrid Jasmin's performance at Vill Vill Vest 2022


While growing up in Telemark, a nucleus for Norwegian folk music, Ingrid Jasmin developed her ties to the Spanish speaking world through visiting her family in Costa Rica. Living years in Cuba and Spain, she dedicated herself to the study of traditional music. On her debut album 'Luna' Ingrid Jasmin collaborates with a stellar crew of musicians and producers such as Mathias Eick, Jonas Kroon, Mogiall and Tuva Færden.


Though a new name on the Norwegian music scene, Ingrid Jasmin is already on the radar of the festivals, having performed at the opening concerts of notable traditional music venues, such as Førde Traditional and World Music Festival and Telemarkfestivalen, and playing her release at Oslo World in 2022. Bookings in 2023 include Vossa Jazz, Havana World Music and several national TV-performances.

Ingrid Jasmin was granted support by the Norwegian Arts Council in 2021 to compose and produce her first album, and was selected by Music Norway for the one-year export program EX.TRA 2022. 

'Luna' is created with love and admiration for the traditional music. Contributors are Jonas Kroon, Mathias Eick, Morten 'Mogilla' Gillebo, Almir Meskovic, Tuva Færden, Sidiki Camara, Eyolf Dale, Yannick Corre, Thov Wetterhus, Mattis Kleppen, Jesús Morente, Bernt Isak Wærstad and Aleksander Kostopoulos.

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